Sexy Mathematics

Self titled album

Releasing on Sept 17, 2024

Based in Toronto, ON


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  • Tracklist

    1. Especially You
    2. A Night to Remember
    3. Boron
    4. An Imitation
    5. Disappearer
    6. When Isometrics Collide
    7. Responsory
  • Credits

    • Songs Performed by Chris Daviduik and Matthew Aggus
    • Song Writing by Chris Daviduik
    • Vocal Harmonies by Ashley Jane and Gregory Macdonald
    • Recorded at Taurus Recording
    • Produced and Engineered by Stephen Krecklo
    • Additional Engineering by Thomas D’Arcy and Jesse Turnbull
    • Mixed by Jordon Zadorozny
    • Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering
    • Artwork by Bjorn Bauer


In life, we find that the beauty of connection is often shadowed by the pain of loss, and the enduring nature of love is contrasted by the fleeting moments of existence. This duality—the interplay of light and darkness—is at the heart of Sexy Mathematics. Originally formed in 2009, the band began as a synth rock group known for their intense, emotive soundscapes. Over time, their music has evolved, mirroring the complexity of the world around them and their own growth as artists.

Sexy Mathematics' journey started in Saskatoon with the release of their Integration EP, followed by their debut full-length album, Future Nights, in 2011. This period marked their transition to Toronto, where they recorded their sophomore album, Electronics, in 2014. The path to their latest self-titled album, Sexy Mathematics, was not straightforward. The band faced delays and challenges, including the global COVID-19 pandemic, but these obstacles only deepened their resolve to refine their sound and vision.

Their upcoming album, Sexy Mathematics, is a testament to their evolution. It delves into themes of personal relationships, loneliness, despair, existential crises, and the anxiety about an uncertain future. This record represents a significant leap for the band, who decided to hire producer Stephen Krecklo and mixer Jordon Zadorozny to elevate their music to new heights. The result is a compelling blend of their rock foundations and modern digital synthesizers, creating a rich, atmospheric sound that is both intricate and powerful.

Chris Daviduik (guitar, vocals, songwriting) and Matt Aggus (drums) have forged a unique musical bond over the years. Their influences—ranging from The Cure to Health—infuse their music with a nostalgic yet innovative edge. The album's production, enhanced by the expertise of Krecklo and Zadorozny, allows Sexy Mathematics to explore new sonic territories, transforming their raw, indie pop-leaning sound into a mature, textured soundscape.

The opening track of Sexy Mathematics sets the tone with its dynamic layers of dissonance and crescendoing waves of noise, reflecting the band's journey through stasis and transformation. The album continues to build on this foundation, with each track offering a deeper exploration of their thematic concerns and musical ambitions. The addition of guest musicians Ashley Jane and Gregory Macdonald, who provided vocal harmonies, further enriches the album's sound, showcasing the band's willingness to push boundaries and embrace new influences.

As Sexy Mathematics prepares to release their self-titled album, they invite listeners to join them on this journey. Their music, with its blend of raw emotion and sonic sophistication, captures the essence of what it means to navigate the complexities of life and art. This album is not just a collection of songs; it's a statement of intent, a reflection of their past, and a glimpse into their future.

  • Chris Daviduik

    Vocals, Guitar

  • Matt Aggus

    Drums, Samples