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  • Tracklist

    1. Especially You
    2. A Night to Remember
    3. Boron
    4. An Imitation
    5. Disappearer
    6. When Isometrics Collide
    7. Responsory
  • Credits

    • Songs Performed by Chris Daviduik and Matthew Aggus
    • Song Writing by Chris Daviduik
    • Vocal Harmonies by Ashley Jane and Gregory Macdonald
    • Recorded at Taurus Recording
    • Produced and Engineered by Stephen Krecklo
    • Additional Engineering by Thomas D’Arcy and Jesse Turnbull
    • Mixed by Jordon Zadorozny
    • Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel Mastering
    • Artwork by Bjorn Bauer

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